Viral Giveaways

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The details...

  • You get a list of subscribers at the end of the promotion
  • Grow social media followers on platform of your choosing
  • Clear language disclosing the sharing of subscriber emails to participating authors (only)
  • You provide 3 copies of an e-book written by you that is for sale (NOT free)
  • Authors can offer free magnet books to all subscribers entering the giveaway

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need from me?

Everything we need to put your book(s) in the giveaway is listed in the signup form (orange button above). Specifically though, you will need to provide 3 copies of an ebook that is for sale through either bookfunnel or prolificworks.

What if I don't have bookfunnel or prolificworks?

Visit each site and compare them, then sign up for one - both usually provide a free period to try their services out. They have inexpensive options for limited uses.

What if my book is in Kindle Unlimited?

It is the responsibility of the author to check with KU's terms, however, KU authors do participate in our giveaways.

How much does it cost?

Giveaways are free. Tell your romance author friends! The more authors we get, the more readers we get. Donations are appreciated and fund advertising and prizes.

Do I have to share the giveaway?

Yes, please! It's okay if you don't have a huge list of newsletter subscribers, but please share however you can. Newsletters bring in the most readers, but any push on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. helps too.

Is this GDPR compliant?

The giveaway will have specific language disclosing that all who enter the giveaway must consent to have their emails shared with all participating authors.

If you don't feel comfortable entering a group giveaway due to GDPR, you can choose to instead sign up with only a free magnet book using your platform of choice (prolificworks, bookfunnel). Your free magnet book link will be sent to all who enter the giveaway. If you go this route, make sure the link you are supplying will somehow collect emails for you (bookfunnel and prolificworks both have excellent tech support if you need help doing this)!

Do I have to gift the winners?

No. The author running the giveaway will gift all the winners using the links to your books you supplied in the sign up form.

How do I get the list?

The author running the giveaway will supply you with the list at the end of the giveaway if you signed up with a PAID (not free) book. If you *only* signed up with a free magnet book, you will not be given a list of subscribers (however, you should have collected your own subscribers through your personal magnet book link/platform).